Why Would You Need a Family Attorney?

Often, family law cases are highly emotional, especially when a couple decides to separate. Hiring the best Family Lawyer is essential to help ensure your case ends as favorably as possible, without putting you or your children through more stress than necessary. Whether you’re facing divorce, child custody disputes or other family law issues, there are many qualified lawyers in Chicago to choose from.

Here are some of the best Family Attorneys to consider:

1. Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law
Attorney Brendan Davis is joined by an incredible team at his law firm that brings extensive experience in a variety of areas in family and divorce matters. The attorneys at this firm have a genuine care for their clients and are known for their generosity of spirit. They also have the ability to clearly and comprehensibly explain legal concepts for clients who may not have much prior knowledge of these topics.

2. Reed, Centracchio & Associates, LLC

The attorneys at this law firm have extensive experience in all aspects of family and divorce law. They offer a unique approach to the practice of law with their focus on client satisfaction and zealous representation in divorce, custody and support cases. They have the skills and resources to represent a wide range of clients, from those with significant assets and high incomes to those with minor children. They are able to handle cases throughout the state of Illinois and internationally.

3. Beermann LLP

The team at this firm consists of experienced and aggressive advocates that have a history of achieving successful results for their clients. They specialize in complex and complicated divorce cases, including those involving significant assets, high net worth individuals and business owners. Their reputation for tenacity and thorough preparation has earned them a high-degree of recognition amongst peers and clients.

4. Kezy & Associates

The lawyers at this law firm are highly-rated with excellent customer service and a solid record of success. They’ve handled a diverse range of family law matters, including divorce, child custody and support, prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, and alimony. Their comprehensive services ensure that their clients receive the representation they need to get through any difficult situation.

5. Ward Family Law, LLC

The firm of Ward Family Law, LLC has over two decades of experience in matrimonial and family law. They’ve represented countless families in matters relating to child custody, property division, domestic violence and more. Their extensive classroom, lecturing and publishing experience provides clients with well-rounded representation and insight on the laws governing their cases.

Hiring the best Family Lawyer can be a complicated process. There are many factors to consider, including the level of expertise and experience, reputation and track record. By researching the available options, you can find an attorney that fits your needs and will help you resolve your case quickly. In addition to their experience, the best Family Lawyer should be a dependable and trustworthy advocate. Choosing the right law firm will provide you with peace of mind and a better chance of a favorable outcome.